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 Our Tire Service Prices:

  • Onsite Mount and Balance:
    starting at $24.99/tire
  • TPMS sensors and service:
    starting at $84.99/sensor replacement;
    $12.99/sensor for seal rebuild
  • Tire Repair:  $89
  • Tire Rotation and Balancing: $89
  • Road Hazard Coverage:
    Call for a quote or ask about our monthly subscription service

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Our Services:

Tire brands and sizes from the largest distributors

At Turbo Treads, we carry the best brands and sizes for your car. We work with trustworthy manufacturers like Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Cooper, and more to ensure that your tires stand the test of time. If you’re ever looking for a brand we haven’t listed, just ask! We will make sure we have exactly the right tire for you.

OEM and Custom Wheels from the best companies

For the best look and performance, consider OEM or custom wheels for your vehicle. OEM wheels are replicas of the original wheels that came with your car. Custom wheels have been modified from or replaced the manufacturer’s standard wheels. Turbo Treads carries custom and OEM wheels designed to fit your car perfectly.

Mounting and Balancing

For longer-lasting tires, you need our expert mounting and balancing services. When you choose Turbo Treads mounting and balancing services, we expertly mount new tires on your existing wheels. Using state of the art technology, we balance the tires so that there is equal weight on each tire. When your tires have been correctly mounted and balanced by our experts, your car will last longer and have a smoother ride.

Rotations and Balancing

Tire rotation and balancing from our Turbo Treads experts can help extend the life of your tire. Our tire rotation changes the position of each tire, allowing for even wear and tear. Balancing ensures that there is equal weight on each tire. When you choose our superior tire rotation and balance, you guarantee that your tires will go further.

TPMS sensor replacement

Tire pressure measurement system (TPMS) is an electronic monitoring system which gauges the pressure inside your TPMS is giving inaccurate reading, you may be in danger of driving on tires that are too low or too high in pressure. Turbo Treads can replace your existing sensor and ensure accurate readings.

Tire Repair Service

Turbo Treads provides high quality mobile tire services for damage caused by nails, potholes, or other debris. We can plug or patch holes or repair flat tires from your home or office.

Road Hazard Coverage

We provide protection from nails, glass, debris, potholes and other dangers of the road with our quality road hazard coverage. Turbo Treads does our best to protect our customers from any unexpected events.